12 Runners: Why Running's More Powerful Than You Think

“There is healing powers in movement and in getting outdoors and enjoying life. Just put on your runners and go. It’s that simple.”

We all know running can improve our physical health, but new research highlights the potential it also has to improve our mental health.

A year-long survey of more than 13,000 people in the United Kingdom by England Athletics has revealed that 74% of runners report having experienced improvements in their mental health and wellbeing from running.

What's more, an additional survey of the England Athletics' RunTogether community found that a staggering 89% of runners said that they had increased happiness as a direct result of running in a group.

In light of the findings, we asked runners up and down the country why they pound the pavement each week.

From dealing with grief and regaining strength after a life-changing accident to meeting new friends and de-stressing after work, here are their stories.

"To overcome grief." - Diana Postle, 65, Norwich


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