13 Classic Book Prints From Etsy That Will Bring Your Walls To Life

Books to inspire and delight.

Good art can completely re-vamp your living space or give a room a point of interest. These prints are inspired by literature and books, and they’re all beautiful. So whether you’re into the classic or the more contemporary, just like books, there’s something for everyone.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice In Wonderland Print, MerryKittyArt on Etsy, £5.91

The white rabbit has been edited and animated over the years, but here he is, back to his truest form. He’s been printed onto a 1960s vintage dictionary, and we love the effect.

No Place Like Home

Wizard Of Oz Gift, Dare To Dream Prints on Etsy, £12.09

It doesn’t get much more iconic than The Wizard of Oz. Add a pop of colour to any room in the house, and show your appreciation for one of the greats.

Old Sport

The Great Gatsby Book Cover Print, The Indoor Type on Etsy, £9.89

Add some 1920s glamour to your space with a Gatsby print that would work in any room in the house. Go on old sport, you know you want to.

Hogwarts Express

Inspired Harry Potter Art Print, Evenstar Designs Shop on Etsy, £8

If you’re a Harry Potter super fan but are trying to keep it subtle, this is the one for you. Those tiny words are all from the book itself – Mrs Weasley advising Harry how to get through the barriers at platform 9 and 3/4 for the first time.

Monochrome Poirot

Murder On The Orient Express Hercule Poirot Print, MattNeedle on Etsy, £18

Poirot and his moustache have gone down in literature history, so it makes sense that Agatha Christie’s detective has been immortalised on this fantastic print. The monochrome means it could fit into any colour scheme, which is an added bonus.

Magnificent Middle Earth

Lord Of The Rings Hobbit-Inspired Print, Den Art Designs on Etsy, £9.49

Escape to Middle Earth with this Tolkien-inspired print. The Elven town of Rivendell features in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, so it’s a double whammy. Result.

Tintin And Snowy

Tintin Vintage Book Cover, Pixel 8 Prints on Etsy, £8.99

It doesn’t get much more iconic than Hergé’s Tintin comics. There have been various TV shows and movies featuring the Belgian cartoonist’s journalist and adventurer, but the original line drawings have a place in our hearts.

Freedom Of Expression

Jane Eyre/Charlotte Bronte, Strength Of Character on Etsy, £5.95

This is such a magnificent quote from Charlotte Bronte. It’s one for the bedroom or bathroom – amp yourself up while you’re getting ready for the day.

Wise Words

Charles Dickens Poster, Paper Prints And More on Etsy, £18.53

Solid life advice from Dickens, this print is all about inspiring you to look forwards not backwards, and we’re into it. The perfect print to take into the New Year to help you crack those resolutions.

Get Foxy

Fantastic Mr Fox Print, ShelbyNichole on Etsy, £12.09

We love the vibrant orange colour on this print, that will bring a pop to any plain white walls. Perfect.

Enamoured With An Ass

A Midsummer Nights Dream Poster, WestAndGeneral on Etsy, £10

Celebrate one of Shakespeare’s greatest and most well-known works – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And if you don’t get the reference yet? Head to the bottom of the class.

Good Vibes Only

Roald Dahl Quote Print, WestAndGeneral on Etsy, £10

Oddly, this quote comes from The Twits. Paired with the racy yellow and jolly type, this is a print that’ll always make you smile, no matter your mood.

Lucky Goodbye

Winnie The Pooh Goodbye Quote Poster, Den Art Designs on Etsy, £9.49

A lovely print with a heartfelt sentiment – what could be nicer?

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