01/11/2016 15:39 GMT

13 Things Every University Student Has Googled

How to write a 5,000 word essay in two hours.

1. How many times a week can I eat baked beans?

Robert Anthony via Getty Images
Real talk

It takes a while to learn to cook, OKAY MUM?! 


2. How to get a First.  

I bossed A Levels - how much harder can a degree really be? 


3. How old will I be when I pay off my student loan?  

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Great. Just great. 

Approximately 137-years-old. Cool. 


4. Do my pets miss me?  

They never respond when I get Mum to put them on Skype.


5. Will the university notice if I keep my cat in my bedroom? 

GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images
He's only little after all...

I might be spiralling a bit now. 


6. Why the hell is printing so expensive at uni?  

HotshoeHeroes via Getty Images
Excuse me, what?!  

They know I’m already paying £9,000 a year, right?


7. What marks do I need to get a 2:2? 

Okay, maybe a First was a bit optimistic. 


8. How to write a 5,000 word essay in two hours.  

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No, no, no, the deadline was definitely still at least two weeks away. Right?!


9. Successful people who dropped out of uni.  

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and me, yeah?   



10. Domino’s student discount code.   

This is why I have a fridge full of garlic and herb dips. 


11. Should I break up with my long distance boyfriend/ girlfriend?  

Jamie Grill via Getty Images
Another victim of Freshers week antics 

York to Nottingham is way further than I thought at sixth form. 


12. How should I deal with annoying housemates? via Getty Images
They seemed so chill when I first met them 

I swear, if Jess uses my expensive shampoo one more time, I’m going to shave her head.


13. How is university over already?   

Appreciate it guys, it’s over before you know it.