27/07/2018 19:44 BST | Updated 27/07/2018 21:46 BST

15 Tweets Showing How The Rain Let Britain Return To Normal

A toast... to the rain!

Following almost two months of the best weather many of us have ever seen in the UK, Britons rejoiced on Friday at the sight of a familiar foe turned long-lost friend - rain - the wet stuff that used to fall when grass was green. 

Like a sign, literally from the heavens, it descended in all its deliciousness late in the afternoon ending hopes - that it seems almost no one had - that today would be the hottest day ever recorded.

Hotter than yesterday even when the mercury barely bumped past 35C - it reached 35.1C in Surrey.

So, as forecasters predicted earlier this week when they replaced their “stay inside, stay pale” advice with “watch out for flood” warnings - it rained. 

Water fell from the sky to the ground. 


Naturally, this was a moment to look up at the heavens in awe, and to Tweet like something awesome had just happened on Love Island.  

1) The great escape from nice weather - Britain crawled through a sewer of *sunshine (just like Andy Dufresne did in Shawshank Redemption)

2) Because we hated every minute of the prison that was sunshine

3) There was “dramatic scenes”... everywhere!

4) And utter confusion... what do we do now. Go home?


5) Because “It was so different this morning”

6) There were tears... of joy

7) Because it was time to get naked!

8) Are you not entertained?

9) Bold statements and declarations were made

10) Even cats were transfixed

... but not all of them were happy about it

11) 27 July 2018 will be remembered as the day rain changed social media habits forever - or at least one Friday night for Shazzy

12) Phone tricks were tried in an attempt to go viral during the phenomenon known as ‘rain’

13) Did you see how it looked from Westminster? Wow, just wow!

14) Hello *rain, my old friend... I’ve come to talk to you again. Cool, water my garden then. 

15) Back to doing what Brits do best