21 Genuinely Brilliant Things That Happened In The Entertainment World This Year

It wasn'tdoom and gloom.

It’s no secret that 2016 has been less than great, but we’re here to remind you that the past 12 months haven’t been all doom and gloom.

In actual fact, there’s been plenty to smile about too (although you do have to look quite hard to find these things).

So without further ado, here’s our rundown of all the brilliant things that have happened in the world of entertainment...

1. Selasi And Benjamina’s Being Friendship Goals


We *love* them.

2. Everyone Singing In Brixton To Celebrate Bowie’s Life

This lovely scene emerged just hours after his death was announced.

3. Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke

What. A. Woman.

4. Adele’s Glastonbury Set

The ‘Hello’ songstress spent months denying that she was heading to Worthy Farm, then absolutely smashed it on the Saturday night.

5. Ed Balls’ ‘Gangnam Style’

Ed provided us with many moments that will go down in history but this, was on another level.

6. Phil Mitchell Covering Sia

“We love cheap Phils!”

7. ‘X Factor’ Friday Night Man

Honey who?

8. Kate Winslet’s Reaction To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Win

No, you’re crying.

9. Everyone Actually Getting On In ‘I’m A Celebrity’

This made a nice change from constant arguments, didn’t it?

10. Chewbacca Mum

Joy personified.

11. When Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington Met His Real Dad

It’s uncanny.

12. Disney’s ‘Moana’

Feeling uninspired? You need ‘How Far I’ll Go’.

13. Every Single Thing Val Did On ‘Bake Off’


Someone needs to document their trip.

14. Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar At The BET Awards

There are no words for this greatness.

15. Eddie Redmayne’s Magic Tricks

Even Walter White was impressed.

16. Holly And Phil’s Post-NTAs ‘This Morning’ Presenting

tfw you totally get away with it, because you’re Phil and Holly.

17. Little Mix Performing At The Brit Awards


18. Angela Lansbury’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Rendition

This was beyond lovely, wasn’t it?

19. When Mushy From ‘Educating Yorkshire’ Was On ‘First Dates’

And Mr Burton was there too!

20. Danny Mac’s ‘Strictly’ Samba

*blushes until the end of time*

21. Graham Norton’s Eurovision Tribute To Terry Wogan

The song contest truly isn’t the same without him.

Liam Payne and Cheryl

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