Vintage Boy Names Are On The Rise. Here Are 38 To Inspire You

Welcome to the world, little Walter.
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Baby names from the early 1900s are having a resurgence, with The Daily Record reporting that names once considered “old lady” or “old gentleman” monikers are becoming increasingly popular.

For girls, this means vintage gems like Ada, Dorothy and Elsie are making a comeback, while for boys, names like Henry, Oliver, Vincent and Edwin are expected to increase in popularity.

Earlier this year, founder Jennifer Moss said the trend for old-school names isn’t going anywhere, as people are researching their ancestry online and “finding these cool names that sound fresh because they haven’t been heard for so long”.

What’s more, the baby names expert told that period dramas such as Bridgerton and Downton Abbey are likely behind the rise in parents choosing olden day names for their little ones.

According to experts at Nameberry, the best vintage names are inspired by literary, biblical and royal sources.

So, if you’re thinking of opting for a classic name for your new arrival, here are 38 boys’ names that your grandad (or great grandad) would be proud of:

  1. August
  2. Arthur
  3. Archie
  4. Benjamin
  5. Bertie
  6. Bernard
  7. Charles
  8. Earl
  9. Edward
  10. Edwin
  11. Eric
  12. Ezra
  13. Felix
  14. Francis
  15. Frederick
  16. Grant
  17. Hank
  18. Harris
  19. Henry
  20. Hugo
  21. Isaac
  22. Jack
  23. Jasper
  24. James
  25. Leo
  26. Louis
  27. Lucian
  28. Oliver
  29. Otis
  30. Percy
  31. Ralph
  32. Ronald
  33. Roy
  34. Rudolph
  35. Theodore
  36. Vincent
  37. Victor
  38. Walter

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