27/07/2018 07:01 BST

5 Cute Animal Pictures And Videos To End The Week: Dog Sings Britney And A Very Bouncy Cat

We don't deserve animals.

The heatwave might be overstaying its welcome and public transport might be a sweaty form of hell this morning, but thankfully we’ve been blessed with five more animal photos and videos that should at least bring you light relief, if not full-on joy.

1. First up, it’s Britney b*tch.

Matt Hardin caught his three-year-old Heeler whining on camera and it sounded an awful lot like ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. 

In a video on YouTube, Hardin explained that his dog Riley had been barking at a storm so he decided to film it on Snapchat. He ended up capturing the exact moment Riley entered full-on Britney mode and to date his video has had over five million views. Watch for yourself, it’s magnificent. 

2. The pup who wore a table. 

Twitter user (@mpbbbee) heard a loud crash coming from her bedroom. On rushing to investigate, she discovered complete chaos - a smashed plant pot on the floor, soil everywhere - and amidst it all was her dog wearing the bedside table. It’s paw-te couture, daaahling. 

3. The mama hen looking after 76 ducklings.

Wildlife photographer Brent Cizek captured a merganser duck leading more than 70 ducklings across a lake (someone get this hen a medal). Apparently this isn’t an uncommon sight, it’s thought the ducks raise their babies in a daycare system called a crèche - although a group of 76 is pretty rare.

4. Is this the world’s most bouncy cat?

There’s very little we know about this video other than that a VERY fluffy cat effortlessly bounced over a babbling brook in some gravity-defying trickery which still - 50 replays later - has us in shock. Get the sound on for a real treat...

5. The only cat appearing to enjoy the heatwave.

In the absence of a photo of a reader’s pet this week (send ’em in folks!), here’s a special video of my own moggy Pebbles enjoying a spot of whack-a-mole through the parasol hole in our garden table.

If you want your pet to appear in next week’s cute animals round up, send a photo of them to with a brief explanation as to why they should be featured. Simples.