5 Cute Animal Pictures Of The Week: Party Goats And Very Naughty Dogs

Prepare to giggle.

Dogs are brilliant, aren’t they? This week’s instalment of ‘animals of the week’ features a few canines who did incredibly naughty things but made us laugh all the same. Enjoy.

1. This seal who slapped a man in the face with an octopus.

No, you’re not dreaming. A man got a rude awakening when a seal swam up to his kayak and slapped him right across the chops with an octopus - AKA dinner. We bet that came as a shock to the system. Thankfully the GoPro gods caught the action on camera. (More on that story here.)

2. These party goats rocking out in Los Angeles.

Again, not dreaming. Spanky and Pippin, a pair of Nigerian Dwarf goats, are literal party animals up in Los Angeles. Their owner (or “goat mom”) Scout Raskin set up Party Goats LA in early 2017 and charges $99 (£75) an hour to bring her goats to a party or event, where guests often say their presence is “therapeutic” and “fun”. We kid you not.

3. This dog who peed on another dog for lolz.

“Hey Steve, get a load of this.”

That look of despair though. Poor doggo.

4. This pup who just loves chowing down on dog beds.

Jolene the dog is an adorable wee soul who (unfortunately for her owner) loves nothing more than tearing up dog beds with her teeth. “She ate every one of her dog beds as a puppy,” wrote Twitter user Bill Reyno. How could you ever stay mad at that face though?

5. The bin rummager.

Nope, this cheeky mite isn’t sniffing out the latest neckwear at Fashion Week; it was after a bone in the bin and after a bit of rifling ended up with the lid stuck around its neck. Nice work Doggo.

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