5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: From Chubbs The Overweight Cat To Brian The Abandoned Dog


Today is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and employees across the nation have been tweeting in anticipation all week. We’re particularly in love with Tarquin the sausage dog, the cutest architect to ever live.

Fingers crossed for pooches like him in your workplace 🤞

The new chimpanzee on the block.

This time last week, Chester Zoo announced Western chimpanzee ZeeZee had given birth, with the newborn becoming the first of its kind to be born at the zoo for nearly a decade.

Mother and baby are doing well and the zoo’s collections director Mike Jordan said the new arrival marks a significant step towards protecting the species. “In the wild, the Western chimpanzee is under huge threat from bush-meat hunting as well as extensive and increasing habitat loss and fragmentation from human activity, so much so that it is the first ever chimpanzee subspecies to join the list of critically endangered great apes,” he explained.

Chester Zoo

The chubby cat who found a home.

On Tuesday, a cat in California became a global superstar when staff at Pasadena Humane Society animal charity revealed he weighed a whopping 29 pounds, the equivalent of just over two stone. Naturally the shelter staff called the cat Chubbs and appealed for prospective cat parents willing to work with their vet to put him on a diet. Two days later, the charity tweeted to say Chubbs had been adopted ❤️

The dog who had a makeover.

A poodle, who was so matted that he could barely see, was recently discovered roaming the streets after being dumped on the busy North Circular road in the middle of the night. Thankfully, a passerby rescued him as he was about to walk into oncoming traffic and took him to animal welfare charity Mayhew.

The dog, who’s been named Brian, has received a well-deserved makeover and is now primed and ready to meet a new owner.


The birds rescued from illegal trading.

It’s been a busy week elsewhere in Chester Zoo, as alongside the chimpanzee birth, staff provided a haven for almost 100 exotic birds from 14 different species. The birds were destined to be illegally sold as pets, but were thankfully seized by customs officials in Europe as part of a collaboration against the trade. It means pairs like these cute lovebirds - a couple of Orange-cheeked waxbills - will have safe home with plenty of flying space.

Chester Zoo

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