5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Cats In Christmas Trees And A Dog Goalie

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December is in full swing and as we approach Christmas, members of the animal kingdom are getting in the festive spirit... sort of.

From destroying our Christmas trees to enjoying the colder weather, here are five of the cutest and funniest animals we’ve spotted this week:

1. These Ducks Taking Their First Walk In Snow

Heading out in the snow always seems like a great idea – until you actually do it and realise it’s just plain cold. These ducks in Phoenix, Arizona, found out the hard way.

2. This Cat Hiding In A Christmas Tree

Keen beans around the world have put their trees up already, and their cats don’t know what to make of it. Twitter is full of photos and videos of cats fighting with baubles, lights and angels, but we’re big fans of this little one hiding among the branches.

3. A Beautiful Inter-Species Friendship

In non-Christmas news, a video of a giant pup with a tiny bird is doing the rounds. What’s not to love?

4. This Dog Who Made A Legendary Save

In a match between two teams in Argentina’s third division (Juventud Unida and Defensores de Belgrano), the star player was a dog who leapt onto the pitch and saved a goal. Thankfully his moves didn’t make much difference to the final score, as Belgrano still ended up losing 3-0.

5. And Finally, The World’s Clumsiest Dog

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a clumsy dog flying through the air because she’s bashed into yet more furniture. Watch this. Laugh. Repeat.