8 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Sorry dog owners.

For years, cats have been pitted against dogs as some kind of evil, hostile equivalent. (Just watch the film ‘Cats & Dogs’ if you don’t believe us.)

But actually, it turns out that cats are bloody great and, if you’re considering getting your first pet, they’re a whole lot easier to cope with than their canine counterparts who require a LOT of attention.

Without further ado, here are eight reasons why cats make a fun, yet ultimately more sensible, choice.

Marga Frontera via Getty Images

1. They’re independent.

Dogs are basically like kids, but furry. Even when you leave them alone to go to work, you need to make sure that they can get out to go to the toilet at some point during the day. This means you either need to go home on your lunch break, leave bang on the dot at 5pm, or pay for doggy daycare.

With cats, they’re pretty happy to pop in and out of your house all day - with most of that time period spent napping on your sofa. In the (slightly altered) words of Ne-Yo: “They’re independent, that’s why we love them.”

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2. They’re loving.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are super loveable and adore humans. A study found that cats actually prefer human interaction to food, which is a pretty big deal and crushes all of the miserable stereotypes about them being cold.

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3. They walk themselves.

Walking a dog can become a daily chore - while it keeps you fit, it’s not ideal if you want to make spontaneous plans with friends. Cats, on the other hand, let themselves out to go for a walk. Granted they might bring a dead mouse back with them, but that’s just the price you have to pay.

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4. You don’t have to pick up their poo.

When it comes to toilet time, cats tend to go and bury their business in a neighbour’s back garden, which means less hassle for you (and your neighbour needn’t ever know).

Obviously with indoor cats you’ll need to empty litter trays regularly, but it’s much nicer to do that within the privacy of your home than having to stoop in the middle of a street and pick up your dog’s steaming turd in a plastic bag.

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5. You can still teach them tricks.

Cats are actually very intelligent, meaning you can teach them tricks - just don’t expect them to be as obedient as dogs when it comes to showing off those tricks on demand.

Take Snow, for example. The intelligent (and not to mention adorable) feline, is excellent at the old cup and ball trick and has become an Instagram sensation because of it.

101cats via Getty Images

6. They’re like a one-animal comedy show.

Cats have this air of mystery and superiority about them which makes it 10 times more hilarious when they mess up. From falling off things to skidding around and leaping sideways, watching them go about their daily business is better than any TV show.

Nancy Rose via Getty Images

7. They’re clean.

When it comes to grooming, cats tend to be experts in keeping clean. According to the RSPCA, tiny abrasive hooks found on the centre of their tongues enable them to groom themselves efficiently. This helps keep their coats in good condition and also removes fleas and other parasites.

Katrin Scharl via Getty Images

8. They love a nap.

If you’re a huge fan of sleep and could do with a napping partner, cats have your back. Domestic cats tend to sleep for 12-18 hours a day to preserve their energy for when they need to chase prey (or a toy).

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