5 Lovely Ways To Mark The First Day Of School With Your Child

The doorstep pic is a classic, but here are some other creative options.

From stricter bedtimes to the joys of homework, it’s officially back to school week. Some children will be raring to go, while others may be dreading the end of summer, especially after a year of spending more time at home.

It’s time to give them a warm send off and brighten those back to school blues.

Whether you’re sticking to your annual obligatory doorstep photo or perhaps looking to switch up family traditions, here are five things you can do to celebrate the first day of term.

1. The photo on the doorstep

A classic tradition for many families on the first day of school is the doorstep picture. With their fresh new uniforms and cheesy smiles, this is definitely a sentimental way to look back at your children throughout each year of school. Want to calm their nerves? Let them hold a sign with the year they are going into or their favourite toy – this is also a great way to look back at what they enjoyed at a particular age.

2. Journaling their feelings

If you want to take a more reflective and memorable approach, get your child to write down how they’re feeling about going into a new school year or starting a new school. They can talk about anything they’re enjoying at their current age, their goals for the upcoming year or their emotions. This is an activity that can be done the evening before, which is great if time is tight in the morning. It’s also a great way for children to reflect and learn from the personal goals they set.

3. Record their height

A popular tradition for many parents is recording your child’s height, and what better time to start marking than every school year? Measure them against the wall and place a marking at their current height, finish this off by labelling with their name and the date. Repeat every first day back to school and you’ll be left with your very own height chart (and also amazed at how quickly they grow).

4. Leave a chalk message

For that extra reassurance before your child sets off from home, write a message in chalk outside your house, on the driveway or even near their bus stop. This small act can put a smile on your child’s face as they leave the house, and even calm their first day nerves.

5. Lunchbox notes

Lunchbox notes can be an affirming check-in for halfway through the first school day. Share your love, draw a picture or even write a funny joke on a note and pop it in their lunchbox. This is a loving way to make sure your child feels at ease and can look forward to coming home to you.