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5 Times Chrissy Teigen Gave Us All Realistic Mum Goals

And this is why she's our new favourite famous mum

Since the birth of her daughter Luna in May, model Chrissy Teigen’s been winning a whole new fan base of fellow mums. She’s funny, frank, taboo-busting and just enjoying being a mum. So she’s a supermodel with a multi-Grammy winning husband like John Legend, but it turns out her hilarious snapshots and comments of bringing up baby show she’s just like us too.

Here’s why.

Post-birth code of silence? Smashed


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The time Chrissy tweeted after Luna's birth, "No one told me I would be coming home in diapers too", and we all smiled in wry recognition.
Thank you, Chrissy, for calling out that post-birth bodies are messy. Why don't we get told that in all those pre-birth parenting classes?
She followed up with more hilariously frank Twitter comments about how her body wasn't 'pinging' back into shape, like this one: "I feel like tiny underpaid workers are putting my uterus back together and they're super bitter about it so they aren't doing a good job."
The stretchmark sisterhood
The time she shared a picture of her inside leg stretch marks on Snapchat with this comment. Mini fist pump from all new mums dismayed by their bodies while loving their babies. Can you imagine Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian having the positive body image and sense of fun to do that?
Not putting up with judgy parents (and we all know some of those)
The time Chrissy fired back at a sanctimonious Twitter user who wrote "That's not how a baby is held!!!" in response to a pap pic of Chrissy holding baby Luna. As she quite rightly pointed out, she was indeed holding her own baby just like that.
She admitted she hadn't realised 'mum shaming' would be so vitriolic until she was criticised for going out for to dinner for an hour a week after Luna was born. Her succinct reply: "I went to dinner. People are p****d. Good morning!"
Supportive husband John tweeted: "Funny there's no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn't have to take it all. We'll split it."
Moments of joy
The many times she has posted videos of her fooling around to make her baby laugh and having fun being a mum.
Dressing up baby

have you ever seen a more "why me?" face 😭

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The many, many times she has posted cute photos of Luna with captions like 'my heart, it hurts'. Yes, we proud mums know that feeling. Her Halloween dress-ups were fabulous - from the banana to the hot dog to the hula girl.