19/07/2017 16:42 BST

BBC Salaries: 8 Noble TV Stars We Can Not Believe Didn't Made The Highest Pay List

Bounce the dog deserves every penny.

As the whole of Britain struggles to get its head around just how much some people at the BBC earn, following the corporation’s disclosure of its highest paid stars, it’s time to spare a thought for those who didn’t make the list.

The stars who’ve made an impact — without us even realising. The ones who turn up, do their job and can leave with their heads held high.

Here are six stars of the Beeb who didn’t get the recognition they deserve.

1. Bounce the dog

We will never not appreciate the endless joy that on-screen caption has given us. Worth at least £150,000.

2. The swimming hippos

The majestic herd of hippos that swam in a circle just before a show was about to come on were cruelly ditched in favour of people doing everyday activities (exposing yet another unfair BBC pay gap).

Despite *some* criticism, serious practice and hard work must have gone into that synchronisation.

3. Hacker T Dog

This CBBC presenter loves a pun and has an entertaining Twitter account to show for it. ’Nuff said.

4. The Queen Victoria bust in EastEnders’ pub

This bust has seen things she can’t unsee. That’s worthy of a rise at least.

5. Alan Partridge

No, not Steve Coogan. Actual Alan Partridge. All he wanted was that second series.

6. Mr Tumble

No one can be paid enough to wear that outfit.

7. The In The Night Garden gang

We’re seeing a bit of a trend here. Full disclosure of kids’ TV characters needed.


8. Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

That should definitely count as going the extra mile. Hopefully he claimed back on expenses.