6 Reusable Water Bottles To Save The Planet (And Your Bank Balance)

We tried bottles including S'well and Chilly's.

Deciding to buy a reusable water bottle is a no-brainer: it’ll help you to cut down on single-use plastic, encourage you to stay hydrated and save you money in the long-run.

But with hundreds of products on the market, deciding which one to splash your cash on can be a little more challenging.

To help, we’re rounded up six of the hottest designs available to buy right now.

Joseph Jospeh

Water bottle with hydration counting lid, Joseph Joseph, £8

Forget to drink water during the day? Us too. But this handy bottle prompts you to stay hydrated by tracking how much water you’ve consumed. Each time it’s refilled another white dot will appear on the lid, so if you’re on one dot at 1pm, you know it’s time to walk to the tap.


Chilly’s reusable water bottle in pastel green, 260ml, Chilly’s, £15

Chilly’s reusable water bottles are designed to keep water ice cool for up to 24 hours. They come in four sizes ranging from a whopping 1.8 litres to this diddy 260ml version, which is ideal for keeping in small handbags or mini backpacks. There’s also loads of colours to choose from.

Not On The High Street

Personalised sports bottle, 500ml, Not On The High Street, £20.50

There’s nothing worse than dribbling water down yourself during a fitness class thanks to a wide, unwieldy bottle. Thankfully, Not On The High Street has a whole host of bottles with interchangeable screw tops or sports bottle caps. We particularly love this one for keen cyclists, which can be personalised with a name.


Fruit infuser water bottle (22cm x 8cm), Matalan, £5

A water bottle with built-in infuser is perfect for those who find bog-standard H20 a bit boring. This bottle will help you up your liquid intake and it costs just £5. Bargain.


Water bottle with a straw (size unspecified), H&M, £6.99

The handy straw makes this bottle easy to drink out of and although it may not be the most environmentally-friendly, the plastic material does mean it’ll be fairly lightweight. We also love the classy emerald green colour.


S’well white marble travel drinking bottle, 460ml, John Lewis, £35.00

At £35 this bottle is a little on the pricey side, but could be worth investing in. It’s got a wider mouth than traditional S’well bottles, making it easier to clean, stir in sugar (for hot drinks) or add ice cubes. The bottle is designed to keep drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours.

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