7 Of The Best Sleep Eye Masks To Help You Nod Off

Happy napping.

Forty winks, hitting the hay, having a kip, snoozing – whatever you call it, we’re all agreed: sleep is everything.

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to mood swings, poor focus and, of course, fatigue, in the short term. And getting into longterm bad sleep habits can lead to serious health issues and impact mental health.

And if you needed any more reason to get an early night tonight, these seven gorgeous sleep masks should do it.

Cheeky monkey

Silky smooth, a funky print and there’s also a matching toiletry bag and candle. Result.

Velvet teddy

We love this double sided velvet mask for its luxury feel and its comfy fit crochet band.

Velvet eye mask, Zara, £7.99

Embroidery of dreams

We love this beautiful embroidered design, but it’s still practical – lined with smooth satin for a extra snooze factor.

Hana Floral Velvet Eye Mask, Oliver Bonas, £15

Still awake, honest

Sleep with both eyes open in this cute faux fur mask.

Faux Fur Eyes Eye Mask, Oliver Bonas, £12.50

Hibernate all winter

We love that this mask is knitted - cosy! Plus if you love Spike the Hedgehog, you can get matching everything, from oven mitts to coffee mugs and lamp shades.

Scion Mr Spike Eye Mask, John Lewis, £13

Counting sheep

This mask doubles as a hot or cold compress when heated up or frozen. It provides gentle weight, which claim to help muscles relax and clear your mind. We feel sleepy already.

Nap on the go

100% cotton and larger than your average mask, this beauty is perfect for travelling – it even folds into it’s own pouch. Perfect.

Eye mask, Muji, £9.95

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