7 Things You Need To Know About Period Poverty

Hundreds of thousands of girls miss school every year because they cannot afford sanitary products.

One in 10 young women are experiencing period poverty and having to resort to using rags, newspapers, old socks or doubled-up pants because they can't afford sanitary products. As a result they are missing school days and it's impacting their self-esteem.

Emma Koubayssi is committed to raising awareness of the issue and has gone to drastic measures to capture the nation's attention: launching 'The Bloody Big Brunch', where punters buy Bloody Marys by donating sanitary products to period poverty charities.

So far the event has taken on Glasgow and London, where 150 people turned up. Emma, who co-founded the event, hopes to hold two more in Manchester and Edinburgh later this year. With period poverty affecting thousands of women across the world, here's what she wants you to know about the issue.

Emma Koubayssi
Emma Koubayssi

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