The Thick Of It creator accused the Tories of introducing policies to bring more people into hardship.
One person said it was "absolutely ridiculous” not to think there was a connection between the two issues.
"If I get too cold I can get ill," says Laura Smith, who lives with MS. "My symptoms get so bad that I can’t move and am at much higher risk of falling."
School nurses and health professionals reveal the devastating impact of hunger on children right now.
"We must confront the myth that everyone in poverty can simply work their way out of it," says Imran Hussain from the charity Action for Children.
The LBC presenter said: “If you are a mum – and/or a dad – and you haven’t got money to buy your child a toothbrush, you should never have become a parent in the first place."
With inflation soaring and a looming recession, here's how the number of reported offences has changed.