The mayor of the hard-hit east London borough has also demanded more financial support for isolating workers.
Despite rising poverty fears and 800,000 losing their job, PM claims voters do not want ministers "focusing on welfare".
Giving families paltry provisions also removes their chance to shop so much smarter, writes Tara O’Reilly.
Boris Johnson's official spokesperson said the national free school meals voucher scheme would shortly be reopened.
A leading child poverty charity has slammed the plan, saying it "trades off education with health inequalities".
Families say ministers are using poor kids "to cover their backs" and excuse keeping schools open as Covid cases soar.
Single mums are among those placing sex ads, many for the first time, to pay for food and rent.
We’ve seen a 265% increase in need this year thanks to the pandemic. Here’s what that looks like.
"Access to any successful vaccine must not become a global postcode lottery."
Following Marcus Rashford's campaign, hundreds of businesses and community groups have stepped in to feed struggling families.