9 Funny Tweets That'll Kick Off Your Bank Holiday With A Giggle

Featuring a perplexed postie, a militant goose and the most unique pronunciation of Worcestershire we've ever heard.
VectorStory via Getty Images

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Praise be, a bank holiday is upon us and the weather is looking decent across most of the UK. That’s worth celebrating.

Whether you’ve got three sweet days off to relax, or you’re working, it’s time to take a break with our weekly roundup of funny and feel-good tweets. Enjoy!

1 . Who run the world? Geese

Break the rules at your peril.

2. An ode to British food – with a twist

Actress and voice artist Meggie Foster has been delivering political comedy during lockdown. This might be our favourite video yet.

3. The confused postman

Note to self: check the road is clear before donning a mask of the Queen and attempting a TikTok dance.

4. Dogs reunited

These two pups came from the same litter and recognised each other instantly on their individual walks. No, you’re crying.

5. Us, every time a period is late

“But now that I’m here, when’s the last time you yelled at your mum?” Genius.

6. A unique pronunciation of Worcestershire

Prepare to replay it 10 times in confused amazement.

7. A dishwasher disaster

Foam party at Abby’s house?

8. My plans vs. 2020

The meme of the week. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

P.s. we miss Marianne and Connell in our lives.

9. The most joyful dog

Just a puppy, enjoying a puddle and living his best life. Happy weekend.