9 Low Stimulating TV Shows For Toddlers, Recommended By Parents

If your kiddo loves Bluey, here are some other shows they might like.
Happy African American father and adorable mixed race daughter using digital tablet in the living room at home
damircudic via Getty Images
Happy African American father and adorable mixed race daughter using digital tablet in the living room at home

When it comes to screen time, there’s no one-size-fits all rule. Some families have zero screen time for their kids, others have the TV on constantly, and some use it to get stuff done around the house.

Recently, popular Australian kids TV show Bluey won hearts once again with its episode, The Sign. Bluey is known to be a low-stimulating show for children due to the colours used in its production, as well as the dialogue.

Gretchen Ingle, a member of Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo and a former child development specialist says overstimulating shows can give kids an instant dopamine rush. Though this is not necessarily bad for kids, moderation is key.

Gretchen explained: “It causes their brains to be so passive, then they’re going to crave more and more of that stimulation constantly.”

So, what low-stimulating shows are recommended for kids?

Apart from Bluey, we asked parents what shows they recommend that are low-stimulating.

From their answers we have collated 9 TV shows that might be a good option for your child

1. Puffin Rock: The Irish animated show follows a young puffin named Oona and her baby brother Baba as they explore their world.

2. Little Bear: Based on the story of Little Bear’s character who goes on adventures throughout the forest and learns new things.

3. Bear In The Big Blue House: About a bear who lives with his friends, going on adventures together and solving problems.

4. Trash Truck: Main character Hank and his best friend, which is a giant trash truck go on lots of adventures.

5. Peter Rabbit: Based on the Beatrix Potter character, Peter Rabbit and his friends go on adventures together.

6. Postman Pat: Main character Postman Pat gets into all sorts of adventures while carrying the mail around.

7. Tumble Leaf: Stop motion animated series which helps pre-schoolers learn lessons.

8. Stillwater: Siblings Karl, Addy and Michael live next door to a panda named Stillwater, this character gives children a deeper understanding of feelings, as well as tools that help them face day-to-day challenges.

9. Guess How Much I Love You: Follows the adventures off Little Nutbrown Hare, who learns about the world.

Low stimulating shows can help to educate your child, while at the same time not overwhelming them.

Do you have any favourite shows you can recommend? Get in touch!