A Third Of 16-24-Year Olds 'Have Never Had A Sexually Fulfilling Experience'

It probably doesn't help that 58% of men always orgasm compared to only 24% of women.

Almost a third (32%) of 16- to 24-year-olds say they have never been sexually fulfilled – according to a new survey of sexual wellness in the UK.

That’s compared with 95% of those aged over 65 who say they have’ve sexually fulfilling experiences during their lifetime. Of course, older people having had more time to enjoy all that mind-blowing sex. But only one in five Brits of any age said they were very sexually fulfilled.

This might be partly explained by the male-female orgasm gap: in heterosexual relationships 58% of men surveyed say they always orgasm compared to only 24% of women.

Another reason why many of us are unfulfilled is that we’re not having enough sex: two thirds would like to have sex twice a week but only 39% manage it.

And when we do, 70% admit to getting distracted – worrying about noise (27%), family or friends being in the house (24%), or even being put off by pets in the bedroom (17%).

The report by LoveHoney, surveyed 3000 people worldwide (over 1000 of them in the UK) asking them about the role of sex in their happiness and wellbeing.

It found two thirds (63%) of us believe sex plays an important role in our overall happiness and 25% know having sex improves our mental health. Not only that but 35% say having a good sex life improves performance at work.

In the UK 53% of us are using sex toys, with 37% of females using them mostly or always while alone.

In the bedroom two thirds (66%) of Brits admit to fantasising during sex, with one in every ten men and women fantasising about being with someone of a different gender to their usual sexual preference. Meanwhile, 21% of men and 16% of women dream about having sex with more than one person.

Outside the bedroom three quarters of us admitting to either having had sex on a beach or being prepared to try it. Even more (84%) say the same about a field or forest, and 89% say the’ve had, or would love to experience, sex in a car.

The “mile-high club” is less popular than some might think, though, with only 5% of Brits having tried sex in a plane.