A Womb With A View: Stay In This Womb-Themed Hotel Room And Sleep Like A Baby

The rooms are inspired by "the safety and snugness of the womb".

You can now, almost literally, sleep like a baby thanks to the designers who have created a set of London hotel rooms that resemble human wombs.

The rooms, called The Zed Rooms, within the Cuckooz Apartments in Shoreditch, come complete with muted lighting, soft pink walls and of course, cocoon-like beds inspired by “the safety and snugness of the womb”.

Each apartment includes furniture with rounded edges plus rocking chair to lull you into a relaxed state of mind.

But staying inside a replica of your mother’s insides does not come cheap, with rooms at the hotel starting at £190 per night.


The creators took nine months to finish the rooms, which are supposedly designed to increase REM sleep. During the last weeks of pregnancy, a baby increases its consumption of REM sleep, hitting a lifetime high of 12 hours a day in the final week before birth. There will be no other moment during a person’s life when they will get such a huge volume of REM sleep.

The rooms are a collaboration between sleep technology company Simba and serviced apartments Cuckooz.


Resident sleep psychologist at Simba, Hope Bastine, said if you’ve ever noticed that you don’t sleep as well in a hotel, you’re not alone.

“Scientists recognised the ‘first night effect’ over a decade ago, where one half of the brain unconsciously acts as a ‘night watchman’ staying more alert when in unfamiliar surroundings,” she said.

“With this in mind, tapping into the emotional and physical, no stone has been left unturned trying to soothe the effects of this in the design architecture of our new cutting-edge sleep retreat.”


Each apartment also comes complete with yoga mats and meditation sessions delivered via the iPad’s Calm app. You won’t find a television or any ticking clocks, just blackout blinds and sound-absorbing curtains.

And if you work up an appetite from all that sleeping, you can sample bespoke “sleep recipes” at the hotel designed to boost yet more shut-eye, created in collaboration with Detox Kitchen.


If a night inside a womb is everything you’ve dreamed of this Christmas, the Zed Rooms are available from £190 per night. Book at reservations@cuckooz.co.uk or call 020 7481 8507