Graphic Warning: Neglected Dog Looked Like She Was Turning To Stone Until Kind Strangers Saved Her

Now she's on the lookout for her fur-ever home.

Warning: This article contains images of a neglected animal that some people may find upsetting.

An abandoned pooch, who was so neglected that she looked like she was turning to stone, has been nursed back to health and is now on the lookout for a permanent home.

Non-profit animal welfare organisation Save a Greek Stray received a call about the dog who was in a bad state after being left on the streets of Oropus, in East Attica, Greece, to starve.

Staff at the shelter rescued the five-year-old mixed-breed dog, who had a glut of health problems, and nursed her back to health over four months.

They nicknamed the hound Petra, which is Greek for stone, because after being so cruelly mistreated her matted face looked like it was made of stone.

Petra before she was nursed back to health.
Caters News Agency
Petra before she was nursed back to health.

Shelter manager Irinia Psarrou, 37, said: “We were informed of a dog in a bad state near the shelter. After looking for three days, we finally saw her walking by the side of the street.

“She was very scared of people, and we had to sedate her in order to catch her.

“She tested positive for mange and other Mediterranean diseases.”

Psarrou explained that it took “a lot of special medication, medical baths, special spot-ons (to improve her skin condition) and very good quality food” to nurse the pup back to health.

Petra is unrecognisable.
Caters News Agency
Petra is unrecognisable.

“It took four months for Petra to completely recover – but she is still very scared and shy,” explained Psarrou.

“Our volunteer Valia visits the shelter once a week to see Petra, trying to rehabilitate her.

“It took Valia less than two months to bring Petra around to become a happy dog, who enjoys human contact and loves going out for walks.

“Sadly, she is still at the shelter waiting for her forever home.”

Save a Greek Stray relies on donations to helps save poorly pooches – it costs around 1,200 euros to rescue and care for one abandoned pup.

The shelter does not charge adoption fees, but asks that adopting families help with the transport to the dog’s new home.