Photo Of Grieving Dog At Owner's Memorial Is Breaking Hearts Around The World

'He walks around the house as if he’s looking for something.'

Earlier this month 21-year-old Abraham Martinez died in a car crash.

Understandably, his family are devastated by the tragedy, including his dog, Jax.

Abraham's sister, Alexandra, posted a heartbreaking photo onto Twitter showing the German shepherd lying in front of a memorial for her brother.

She posted it with the caption: "Every one of us is missing you."

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Alexandra said Jax has barely eaten since her brother's death.

“He walks around the house as if he’s looking for something and when he gives up he just sighs and sleeps," she said.

“He usually sleeps with my other dog, but lately he’s been sleeping in the middle of the living room or right outside my brother’s room.”

Abraham’s other sister, Cassandra, also posted a series of images showing Abraham and Jax together, which have since been retweeted more than 9,000 times.