Adam Brody Shares One Major Reason He 'Can't Bear' To Watch The O.C.

Fans have spent the last 14 years re-watching the hit teen drama – but Adam Brody isn't one of them.

Many The O.C. fans treated themselves to a re-watch when the classic teen drama was made available to stream earlier this year, but it seems that former cast member Adam Brody isn’t among them.

The actor swiftly became a fan-favourite thanks to his role as Seth Cohen in all four seasons of The O.C., but in a new interview, he’s shared one major reason he struggles to revisit the hit show.

“Despite any confidence I had, I also can’t bear to watch any of The O.C.,” he told fellow actor Justin Long on the podcast Life Is Short.

“Vince Vaughn was my acting hero. To the point where I [was] doing a terrible imitation of him... for most of my twenties.”

Adam Brody pictured in 2019
Adam Brody pictured in 2019
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Adam continued: “The O.C. is me doing a chipmunk Vince Vaughn. Even though I’m mid-twenties, it sounds like I’m going through puberty still... I just watch it now and I’m like, ‘Settle down.’”

He added that he’s now “knocked off” trying to imitate Vince Vaughn on screen, adding: “A lot of my acting, for better and worse, in my twenties is due to him.”

Vince Vaughn
Vince Vaughn
Kevin C. Cox via Getty Images

The O.C. debuted in 2003 and ran for four years, helping push cast members like Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson into the spotlight.

It proved hugely popular with viewers on both sides of the Atlantic, and is credited with helping boost the profile of the Orange County area in which it was set, with reality shows like Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Real Housewives Of Orange County following shortly afterwards.

Listen to Adam’s interview in full on Life Is Short With Justin Long.


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