Adam Brody

Fans have spent the last 14 years re-watching the hit teen drama – but Adam Brody isn't one of them.
Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody sparked hopes earlier this week with a photo on Instagram.
Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie, a.k.a Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood from The O.C, both have baby news to share. Brody's wife Leighton
It’s been eight years since ‘The O.C.’ was cruelly taken away from us after just four seasons, and quite frankly, our lives
Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester and teenage hearthrob from the OC, Adam Brody are expecting their first child together
It's become impossible to ignore the tiresome way the story has been reported. In the absence of any hard facts about the reason for the split from the couple themselves, we've been treated to a series of ultra-conservative cliches about why marriages fail.