'Emmerdale' Actor Bans Son From Watching 'Horrid Henry' After His Behaviour Deteriorated

Do you have the same problem?

Emmerdale’ actor Adam Thomas has admitted that he has his wife Caroline, have decided to ban kids’ TV show ‘Horrid Henry’ from their house.

This is after their three-year-old son Teddy James started acting out and copying the character’s bad behaviour.

Henry is renowned for playing pranks, rule-breaking and generally being unable to deal with authority - every parent’s worst nightmare.

Taking to his Twitter account, the 30-year-old dad asked other parents if they would consider banning shows for the same reason, and many revealed they already had.

Plenty of other parents were quick to agree with Thomas that their children copied the bad behaviour, resulting in them banning both the show and books.

One parent even had a “lightbulb moment” and realised that her daughter’s recent bout of bad behaviour might have something to do with their TV choices.

And this isn’t a recent development, there is even a Mumsnet thread from 2006 that establishes a link between ‘Horrid Henry’ and kids acting up.

On Common Sense Media, a platform for parents and educators to discuss children’s TV and media-consumption habits, there is much agreement that parents should not allow their children to watch ‘Horrid Henry’.

But there are some parents who said that Thomas shouldn’t stop his son from watching it, and the behaviour would improve after a short period of time.

Also, it isn’t just ‘Horrid Henry’ as parents were quick to mention other programs that have inspired their children to do things they’re not meant to be doing.

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