Adele Putting On Her Glastonbury Dress To Watch Her Headline Set On TV Is A Total Lockdown Mood

The singer recreated the festival magic in her living room as she relived her 2016 Pyramid Stage performance.

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With this year’s Glastonbury called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, many festival goers have been creating the magic at home by watching memorable sets from yesteryear on the BBC – and it seems superstar Adele is no different.

The Hello singer donned her actual Glastonbury dress and drank some ciders to watch her 2016 headline set, as it was repeated on TV on Saturday night.

Adele posted two images on Instagram of her in her front room reliving her iconic turn on the Pyramid Stage.

In the first, she was in her comfies holding a portable fan, while the second revealed she’d slipped into the same dress she’d worn on stage during the set and was swishing about to her own tunes.

“5 ciders in,” she captioned the images, and while watching yourself headline the world’s biggest music festival is not something we can necessarily relate to, sinking warm cider and getting weepy at Adele’s music definitely is.

Adele’s post came after she’d told one fan to “wear a mask and be patient” when they demanded to know when her new album was coming out.

Having posted a picture taken from her actual Pyramid Stage set, one fan commented: “Teaser? Albums coming out today???!!!! Tell me now!!!!”

She replied: “Of course it’s not. Corona ain’t over. I’m quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient.”

It had been highly anticipated her follow up to 2015′s record-breaking 25 would be released this year.

However, Adele’s manager recently confirmed the release of her fourth album had been pushed back, owing to the pandemic.

Jonathan Dickins told Music Week: “It isn’t coming in September, it’ll be ready when it’s ready.

“We’re all in the same boat, you’re doing stuff and then all of a sudden, the world stops. It’ll come when it’s ready. I can’t put a date on that yet. We have music, but we’re still working.”


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