The Bizarre Adele/Peppa Pig Saga Has Taken An Unexpected Turn

Adele had fans howling last week when she shut down the suggestion of a "collab" with the hit children's character.
Channel 5/Hits Radio

Adele and Peppa Pig are not two names we ever expected to be used in the same breath, but the Hello singer had fans howling last week when she was asked whether she’d ever “collab with Peppa Pig”, only to respond with an incredulous “no!”.

The clip swiftly went viral – even prompting a response from Peppa herself – though it seems the Grammy-winning star has since had something of a change of heart.

Earlier this week, Hits Radio presenter James Barr created his own mash-up of Peppa Pig with Adele’s hit Send My Love (To Your New Lover), which landed more than 13,000 views in just a few days.

During an interview with the chart-topping musician to promote her new single Easy On Me, James got the opportunity to play his creation for the singer, and it definitely got her seal of approval.

“Love it!” Adele enthused. “I wish you would have put Muddy Puddles in it, though. I love it.

“Really, I did actually watch Peppa Pig for three years non-stop when Angelo was little, so Peppa, I’ll always do a duet with you, babes. Love ya!”

She added: “Although I don’t really want little Peppa Pig singing about her lovers. It’s a bit inappropriate.”

It's safe to say Adele very much enjoyed the mash-up
It's safe to say Adele very much enjoyed the mash-up
Hits Radio

On the subject of her nine-year-old son Angelo, Adele also told Hits Radio about how he keeps her grounded.

He’s into, like, gamers. He likes Flamingo and all them lot. He ain’t bothered by me at all,” she explained. “He does not care at all.”

She added: “He’s always comparing – the other day he was telling me how many YouTube followers I have and it’s nowhere near as many as the big gamers, so I was like, ‘OK, cheers, kid, thanks’. But he’s not really aware of it yet.

“He’s coming to a couple of work things that I have coming up, so we’ll see. But I’m sure he’ll just be like, ‘well I think Flamingo would have done it like this or like that’”. He’s great, he’s a lot of fun, he’s a very lovely little boy.”

The Hits Radio breakfast show airs every weekday. Watch Adele’s interview in full below: