12/10/2021 11:18 BST

Peppa Pig Shares Hilarious Response After Being Snubbed By Adele In Instagram Live-Stream

Adele's reaction to being asked about a potential Peppa Pig collab went viral over the weekend.

Instagram/Adele/Peppa Pig
Adele and Peppa Pig

While Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj’s chaotic live-stream on Monday night is currently dominating the conversation, we’d rather focus on Adele’s joyful and impromptu Instagram Live session over the weekend, which has still got us howling days later.

The Grammy-winning musician shocked her fans on Saturday night when she suddenly went live on her official Instagram page, with more than 100,000 people tuning in to watch her answering fans’ questions.

Adele being Adele, the live-stream was a total scream, not least because of the star’s struggles with technology and difficulties answering certain questions from her followers (sample quote: “what’s my body count? What does that mean?”).

One of our favourite ridiculous moments from the stream, that’s since gone viral on Twitter, came when a fan asked Adele whether she was “gonna collab with Peppa Pig”, prompting an incredulous “no!!” from the Someone Like You singer.

The clip later sparked a reaction from the official Peppa Pig Twitter account, responding with a popular meme featuring the children’s TV character:

And by the way, if anyone’s wondering what an Adele x Peppa Pig collab might sound like, thanks to presenter James Barr, you need wonder no more... 

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time Peppa has gone toe-to-toe (or, rather, trotter-to-toe) with an A-list artist and shared some sass on Twitter.

Last month, Peppa threw some shade in Kanye West’s direction after social media users pointed out that Peppa’s Adventures: The Album had fared better with the musical outlet Pitchfork’s critics than Ye’s latest release, Donda.

Adele’s recent Instagram Live also included a 40-second snippet of her new single Easy On Me, which will be released later this week.