Excited Dog Loses It With Joy When She Sees Owner After Time Apart

Oh to feel this loved.

When Percie the service dog went away for formal training, she missed her owner Claire. A lot.

Now, a heartwarming video has captured the moment Percie was reunited with Claire after they spent some time apart.

And it's safe to say the golden retriever could barely hold it together.

Claire, 16, from Maryland, started her own photography business last year.

With the money she made, she bought Percie as a puppy and paid for her to be trained as a service dog. However she needed a little extra help, so she set up a GoFundMe page enabling strangers to pitch in.

"I’ve always been a dog lover and have grown up with dogs by my side," she wrote on her page.

"Each dog has taught me something new, and each one has brought more love to my heart and to my home.

"Dogs teach us that love can always be given, and can always be received, no matter how difficult the circumstances. And I want to share that knowledge with as many people as possible."

Claire said she wanted to train her own dog after researching service dogs and feeling incredibly inspired by what they do.

"The connection between handler and dog is one of the most powerful healing relationships I’ve ever witnessed," she said.

"Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense when something isn’t right, to communicate with us, and to respond to and protect their owners.

"I’ve looked into the organisations that train service dogs and I’ve learned that not only do they serve people with seeing and hearing loss, but they also serve many other needs, both physical and psychological, helping people with diabetes, panic disorders and seizures."

In July last year, Claire officially became Percie's owner and it's something which she says was "one of the happiest and proudest moments" of her life.

[H/T The Dodo]