London Photographer Creates Stunning Artwork From Afros To Challenge 'Natural Hairstyle Stereotypes'

Redefining beauty in a world that has been holding natural hair back.

A London-based photography student has created a stunning project turning afros into art.

Dazhane Leah hopes her work will break down the stereotypes that are sometimes attached to natural hairstyles.

The concept, called 'Afro Bloomin' blends together afro hair and flowers.

Dazhane Leah

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, Leah explained: "Black power as a concept was always something I wanted to explore with photography.

"I have come across many negative experiences - not only myself, but ones that family and friends have endured.

"The afro hairstyle in itself represents and holds so much beauty, passion and history, and I wanted to showcase and celebrate this."

Dazhane Leah

Leah has had a huge response to her photos across social media, which she describes as "so heartwarming."

"I have received comments such as 'beautiful', 'amazing' and 'spell-binding' - these are words that I hope become more commonly used to describe natural hair," she said.

But despite the positive reaction, and the shift in the way natural hair is represented on social platforms, she believes there is still a long way to go.

"The internet has paved the way for black people to search for inspiration through YouTube, blogs and Instagram - however, if I wanted to go out and buy a magazine I'll be presented with limited options for inspiration," she explained.

Dazhane Leah

Leah hopes mainstream media will take note and make moves to include a more diverse range of beauty.

"Everyone should feel that they can relate to what they see in the media in terms of beauty standards," she said.

"'Afro Bloomin' is my way of contributing to a way of redefining beauty and taking a step forward in a world that has been holding natural hair back."

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