Revealed: The Age Women Have The Best Orgasms

Are you surprised?

Women aged 36 and over have the best orgasms, according to a new survey.

Women in this age group have amazing orgasms, feel most attractive and enjoy sex more than their younger peers, it revealed.

“The results of the survey send out a really positive message about something us women have known and expected for some time,” said Amanda Bonnier, brand manager at Natural Cycles which conducted the survey, “as you get older and get to know your body better, you can have a more enjoyable sex life and feel confident about yourself.”

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The survey of 2,618 women assessed their sexual satisfaction (including frequency of intercourse and satisfaction of partner), attraction (self-perceived and in the eyes of their partner) as well as orgasm frequency and enjoyment.

It unveiled interesting patterns of sexual behaviour among three distinct age groups: those aged 23 and below, women aged 23-36 years old and those aged 36 and over.

Specifically, the results showed that orgasm, attractiveness and the enjoyability of sex gets better with age.

When questioned about sexual attractiveness, those aged 36 and over were the most confident in their own skin, closely followed by those aged 23 and below.

But while the younger age group felt sexy and attractive, they scored the lowest when quizzed about how often they orgasm.

More than half of women in the 36+ group (58%) said they had the most enjoyable orgasms and the greatest number of orgasms, scoring 10% higher than the younger age group, and 5% higher than the middle group.

Women aged 36 and over also reported the most enjoyable sex, with 86% of them saying they had great intercourse over the last four weeks compared with 76% in the middle group.

When questioned about the frequency of sex, just under a third of all participants had sex twice per week, over one fifth had sex three times per week and less than one-fifth had sex once per week.

The majority of women felt that monogamy was key to a happier sex life, with 81% saying they can have a great long-lasting sex life with the same person.

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