How To Increase Your Sex Drive, According To An Orgasm Expert

Grab your trainers.

If sex is the last thing on your mind after a long day at work, you should grab your trainers and go for a run.

It might sound counterintuitive to exercise when you’re tired, but according to female orgasm expert Dr Nicole Prause, this can trick your brain into feeling desire when you get home.

“Generally speaking, if your heart rate is increased and you see your partner, you’re more likely to interpret your excitement as due to your partner. Even if it’s not,” she told The Times.

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Contrary to popular belief, Dr Prause added that eating certain foods, such as oysters and strawberries, is not likely to increase your sex drive.

“Aphrodisiacs are not real. There’s no need to spend money on that stuff,” she said.

However, she does believe that sending your partner a cheeky text while you’re at work can be a great first step to getting your sex life back on track.

She recommends “starting to be sexual and talking about fantasies”.

Dr Prause was sharing her top tips for increasing sex drive ahead of her appearance on Channel 4 documentary ‘The Super Orgasm’.

The show explores the phenomenon of the ‘super orgasm’, where women claim to have multiple orgasms, multiple times in a row.

Throughout the programme, Dr Prause and a team of experts meet women who claim to experience orgasms 60-100 times in a row.

The researchers seek to find out whether super orgasms are real and if so, what causes them.

Read some of their key findings in our preview here.

The Super Orgasm airs on Channel 4 at 10pm on Thursday April 13.

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