Air Pollution In London Warnings See Commuters Warned Not To Drive

It has apparently drifted over from France.

Londoners were warned not to drive on Monday as air pollution levels in the city soared.

Simon Birkett, founder and director of Clean Air in London, urged Sadiq Khan to issue an official warning as forecasts for moderate to high levels of pollution were published.

According to the Evening Standard, the culprit is actually pollution drifting over from France.

Green Party baroness Jenny Jones also highlighted the problem...

According to London Air, an air pollution monitoring site run by King’s College London, the forecast for Monday and Tuesday included moderate air pollution.

The Met Office suggests that when pollution is a moderate level, adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, should consider reducing strenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors.

The news comes shortly after the mayor rolled out a system of alerts at bus stop, Tube stations and at road sides.

Although a text alert system was in place under Boris Johnson, this latest campaign is part of Khan’s ongoing war on air pollution.

The Met Office suggests a number of actions which can be taken to minimise the impact of air pollution when levels are increased...

“When levels of air pollution increase it would be sensible for those who have noticed that they are affected to limit their exposure to air pollutants. This does not mean staying indoors, but reducing levels of exercise outdoors would be reasonable.

“Older people and those with heart and lung conditions might avoid exertion on High pollution days.

“Adults and children with asthma should check that they are taking their medication as advised by their health practitioner and may notice that they need to increase their use of inhaled reliever medication.

“Adults with heart and circulatory conditions should not modify their treatment schedules on the basis of advice provided by the air quality index: such modification should only be made on a health practitioner’s advice.

“Some athletes, even if they are not asthmatic, may notice that they find their performance less good than expected when levels of a certain air pollutant (ground level ozone) are High, and they may notice that they find deep breathing causes some discomfort in the chest: This might be expected in summer on days when ground level ozone levels are raised. This does not mean that they are in danger but it would be sensible for them to limit their activities on such days.”

Levels of air pollution were so bad last Friday that parents were even warned against taking their babies outside, the Standard reported.

Transport for London issued guidance suggesting people walk or use public transport where possible:

According to City Hall, over 9,000 people a year are dying as a result of London’s poor air quality.

The London Assembly Environment Committee is currently examining the measures suggested by the Mayor to tackle air pollution in the capital, including a “T-charge” levy on the worst-polluting vehicles and clean bus corridors.


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