Al Pacino Forgets He’s On The One Show And Attempts To Leave Mid Interview But Viewers Can't Believe He's There In The First Place

"All that's left is for Joe Pesci to do Countdown's Dictionary Corner."

Al Pacino has certainly made an impression during his visit to the UK.

After taking a tumble on the steps of the Royal Albert Hall at Sunday night’s Baftas, the legendary actor put in an appearance on The One Show on Tuesday - not that he appeared to know where he was.

The Godfather star appeared on the BBC One show alongside co-star Logan Lerman to promote their new Amazon Prime show, Hunters.

Al Pacino appeared on the BBC One show alongside his Hunters co-star Logan Lerma.
Al Pacino appeared on the BBC One show alongside his Hunters co-star Logan Lerma.

During their chat, Al told hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker that he “always dreams” about the things he’s doing.

Alex then jokingly asked the actor: “Did you dream about The One Show [last night]?”

Cue a blank-faced response from the star.

“This is The One Show!” Alex informed him.

And things didn’t improve much from that point with the Oscar winner almost getting up to leave during a VT of his glittering career.

“I was just going to leave,” he told the hosts, with Matt informing him: “No, no, you’re not done.”

Twitter couldn’t quite get its collective heads around the fact that the actual Al Pacino was on BBC One’s tea time show...

On Sunday night, the 71-year-old actor was among the A-list guests at the Baftas.

However, as he made his way up some steps ahead of the awards ceremony, the Scarface actor fell down the steps of the iconic venue.

Fortunately, he was quickly helped to his feet by his fellow guests, and looked unbothered by the incident as he sat in the auditorium during the ceremony’s broadcast.

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