Alec Baldwin Educates Donald Trump In How To Be President

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There are a number of extremely important tasks for anyone just voted President Elect - forming a Cabinet, using a secure phone line to communicate with world leaders, and allowing the State Department to advise and assist you.

So far, Donald Trump has not completed any of these things.

What he has done is whine like a small child who just dropped its ice cream.

After repeatedly demanding the cast of the Broadway show, Hamilton, apologise for making a speech addressing vice-President-Elect Mike Pence directly, Trump turned his ire towards satirical comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

Here’s a taster of the show:

Pretty funny. A humorous and largely harmless take on American affairs.

But not to Trump.

Yes, the next President of the United States is upset at a comedy sketch show.

Thankfully, someone was on hand to tell him what he should really be concentrating on.

Alec Baldwin, aka Donald Trump lampooner.

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It’s worth saying again - this man is about to enter the most powerful job in the world and here he is getting in Twitter spats over a comedy show.

Trump interviewed several more contenders for top US posts over the weekend, including Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and blunt-spoken retired Marine Corps General James Mattis.

The meetings were held at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, with candidates for senior administration jobs after he takes office on Jan. 20.

On Saturday, he conferred with Mattis and Mitt Romney, formerly a fierce Trump critic now under consideration for secretary of state.

Summing up two days of talks as he said goodbye to retired US Marines Corps General John Kelly on Sunday evening, Trump said he had made decisions on a couple of appointments.

“We really had some great meetings, and you’ll be hearing about them soon.”