Writer Alex Andreou Was Turned Down From Adopting A Cat Because He's Gay

But there could be a happy ending ...

The RSPCA joined the chorus of disapproval after a gay writer and actor’s attempt to re-house a cat was rejected because of his sexuality.

Alex Andreou‏ took to Twitter to reveal how he wanted to adopt two cats that “desperately needed rehoming”, but was turned down once he made clear he was gay.

According to a text exchange Andreou posted on social media, he was asked “how comes youre (sic) single, are you gay?”

Andreou confirmed this was the case and asked if that was an issue. “I am religious so I strongly disagree with the lifestyle,” the pet owner responded. “I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

Andreou wrote back: “Darling, I’ve been beaten and called a ‘faggot’ since I was 8. My feelings are quite robust. And, yes, sorry is what precisely what you are.”

The owner of the cat then wanted to know: “Are you not afraid of going to hell when you die?”

In a subsequent tweet, the author made clear his devastation:

On Twitter, many people were quick to show their solidarity and make clear their disquiet.

The official account of the RSPCA wrote it had “lots of cats awaiting furever homes ... perhaps we can help you find a feline friend?”

Others added how they were on Andreou‏’s side and praised him for recounting the story publicly.

Andreou‏ wrote how he received “loveliness” from his followers and the many Twitter users who read his story after it was shared widely, but that he had also attracted trolls.

But it looks like there could be a happy ending ...

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