Alex Jones Looks Giddy With Excitement As She Shows Off Baby Bump That's 'Gathering Pace'

'The One Show' host announced she was expecting in September 2016.

Alex Jones has given fans a peek at her growing baby bump and she couldn’t look more excited.

‘The One Show’ host took a selfie in the mirror, as she pointed at her belly.

“The bump is gathering pace!” Jones, 39, captioned the shot.

“Alex you are glowing,” one person commented. “The bun is definitely in the oven!”

Jones hasn’t shared many photos of her bump since announcing she was pregnant in September 2016, when she posted a photo of a T-shirt with the slogan “Coming Soon” on Instagram.

The TV presenter has previously talked openly about her fertility fears due to her age. She fronted a BBC documentary ‘Fertility and Me’ where she met experts and looked at how people can boost their fertility.

“My main fear was realising too far down the line that it’s actually not working,” she said during the show.

“Of course you know age limits your fertility, but I didn’t know how much until I started making this documentary.”

Jones married her husband, Charlie Thomson, in January 2016.