This Japanese Robot Is Proof That Mankind Is Doomed

Meet the robot that can truly think for itself.

Japanese scientists have managed to create the world’s creepiest robot, able to make decisions completely of it’s own accord without any human intervention.

We’re all doomed.

Alta the robot isn't terrifying at all. #alta #robot

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The robot, named Alter, is free to move completely independently of any human action – which obviously isn’t terrifying at all – and even replicates human “twitches”.

Electronic sensors in Alter’s brain form an embedded neural network – a learning computer system that is modeled on the neurons in the human brain.

These smart sensors are able to detect minute environmental factors in the robot’s surroundings, such as proximity to other people, humidity, noise, and temperature.

This data then informs the robot’s decisions, so changes in how many people are nearby or the temperature will cause Alter to make decisions.

In case that wasn’t a scary enough prospect, Alter, who is currently on display at the Japan National Science Museum, can also sing a tune; converting the random movement of it’s fingers into a creepy melody.

Robotic researcher Kouhei Ogawa, who works with the teams at the University of Tokyo and Osaka University, told Engadget that Alter is a breakthrough in the potential for robotic programing: “Until now making androids talk or interact for 10 minutes was an incredible amount of hard work – simply to program something to react for so long.”

Despite the progress, there are still improvements to be made so that the robot looks more “human”.

Ogawa told RT News: “This time Alter doesn’t look like a human. It doesn’t really move like human. However it certainly has a presence.”

The most haunting presence ever.

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