Alyssa Milano Demonstrates Extent Of Hair Loss Due To Coronavirus Four Months After Diagnosis

The US star posted a candid video of herself brushing her hair on Instagram to demonstrate her point.

Alyssa Milano has posted a candid video on Instagram revealing the extent of the hair loss she’s suffered since being diagnosed with Covid-19.

The former Charmed star revealed last week that she had contracted coronavirus back in April, sharing a photo of herself taken at that time lying in a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask.

Four months later, she’s revealed that she’s continuing to feel the after-effects of the disease, posting a video demonstrating how much of her hair was still coming out when she brushed it.

“I just wanted to show you the amount of hair that’s coming out of my head as a result of Covid,” she explained.

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

After using a detangler brush, Alyssa held up a clump that had come out during the process, urging her followers: “Wear a damn mask.”

She captioned the video: “Thought I’d show you what #Covid19 does to your hair. Please take this seriously.”

Former glamour model and TV personality Linda Lusardi – who was taken to intensive care earlier this year due to coronavirus – revealed last week that she is also still suffering “distressing” hair loss as a result of the illness.

She also spoke about the effects the disease had on both her own and her family’s mental health, stating: “The mental trauma of it has touched us all even though it was me who was sick.

“My children had to deal with the fact they might lose both of us [Linda and her husband, Sam Kane] and then me, and the mental effect it’s had on us has been very traumatic really. I think we’re still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder a little bit.”


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