Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano also acknowledged that it was "no secret that Shannen and I had a complicated relationship".
Shannen teared up while insisting again that her co-star got her fired from their supernatural US show after Alyssa denied any wrongdoing.
“One can’t keep telling the same story over and over and over again, when it’s not the truth..."
The Beverly Hills: 90210 alum has opened up about her years-long feud with her former Charmed co-star.
The US star posted a candid video of herself brushing her hair on Instagram to demonstrate her point.
"I want you to know, this illness is not a hoax," the Charmed star wrote on Instagram.
Milano's call to withhold sex over attacks on abortion rights reveals a deep divide on what's an acceptable means of fighting the patriarchy. But in war, all bets are off and you bring every tool at your disposal
New abortion legislation in the US state of Georgia has caused Alyssa Milano to call for a #SexStrike on Twitter. Earlier this year, 50 actors signed an open letter in March calling for a Hollywood boycott of continued production in the state.
'We are not shaming... we are addressing the damage that occurs from fat-shaming.'