Four-Year-Old Will Attend Different School To Three Siblings After Missing Out On School Place

'It will be impossible to get them all to school on time.'

A four-year-old girl will be attending a different school to her three sisters after missing out on her first choice.

Amelia Doyle, from Trafford, was offered a spot at a different primary school that is more than twice the distance away.

Mum Clare Ryan, 29, said she thought she'd have no difficulty getting a place for her daughter.

"Other parents had even said to me 'you'll be fine, Amelia will get straight in' and I honestly thought she would," Ryan told Manchester Evening News.

"It will be impossible to get them all to school on time and then it looks bad on me as a parent if they're late."

Amelia Doyle (front left) with her mum and three sisters
Manchester Evening News
Amelia Doyle (front left) with her mum and three sisters

Ryan's three older daughters, Lilly-Ella, Poppy and Holly, all attend Victoria Park infant and junior school in Stretford, just half a mile from their home.

Amelia has been offered a place at St Hilda's C of E Primary School, that is 1.3 miles away.

"My other three girls are all at the school and I just can't understand why this has happened," added Ryan.

"I've been told it's about the catchment but then why have I been given the school three times before without any problems?"

The mum said her children will finish school within 10 minutes of each other, so she doesn't know how she'll be about to do two school runs at the same time.

Trafford Council revealed 85% of parents were allocated their first preference and just 4% were allocated a place where no preference was made.

A spokesperson for the council said the family would be able to appeal the decision.

"All appeals are considered carefully by an independent panel who will then make a final decision on the allocation," they told The Mirror.

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