And Just Like That’s Bobby Lee Recalls Getting Too High To Read Lines For Scene With Sarah Jessica Parker

The actor said the “horrifying” experience that “could’ve been a career ender” led him to get sober.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Bobby Lee seen on the set of And Just Like That...
Sarah Jessica Parker and Bobby Lee seen on the set of And Just Like That...
James Devaney via Getty Images

Bobby Lee is opening up about the “nightmare” moment on the set of And Just Like That that sparked his sobriety journey.

While appearing on Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson, the actor — who stars in the HBO revival of Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) podcast co-host, Jackie Nee ― recalled the time he got so wasted before filming that he couldn’t read his lines.

“When I was using — this is the most horrifying thing — I was in Hawaii and I was blackout drunk and my agent calls and said, ‘They need you in New York,’” Lee, 51, said on the podcast episode that aired on Monday.

He said his agent then sprang it on him that the show’s crew needed him on set the very next day due to them having to switch around the filming time because of Parker’s schedule.

On his way to New York, Lee said, “I took, like, 600 mg of THC and I got shitfaced. I was in a blackout when I landed in New York.”

Much to his horror, he was immediately taken to the AJLT set instead of his hotel like he had anticipated.

“My face just became drenched with sweat,” he explained. “I remember going there, being so high and drunk, and when I was reading the script I couldn’t even understand what the fuck it was even saying. And it was the most difficult scene, too. I had to cross a street with [Parker] and it’s in the middle of New York.”

The former MADtv star continued, “I couldn’t even say the fucking first line. It was a nightmare. I remember saying to myself, ‘This is never going to happen again.’ I had to get sober. This is insane.”

Lee, who has been sober for a year and a half, said the moment “could’ve been a career ender.”

Since the eye-opening ordeal, Lee says he’s worked on boosting his confidence by being kinder to himself.

“I’ve been leaning into that a little bit, like who I am and what I’ve done, and it gives me confidence. I look in the mirror sometimes [and tell myself], ‘Dude, you worked way too hard, you’ve gone through so much and you’ve taken so many risks, and you have talent,’” he said.

But Lee confessed, “It’s hard to say those things to yourself… because you sound arrogant.”

However, he says “pumping myself up” works like a charm, adding, “I feel like the Korean Brad Pitt.”

Season two of And Just Like That is streaming on NOW in the UK.

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