24/09/2021 15:48 BST | Updated 24/09/2021 15:48 BST

Utterly Joyous Photos Of Angela Merkel You Didn't Know You Needed

Germany's stoic chancellor definitely lost her cool in these pictures.

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Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel visits the bird park Marlow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has delighted the internet with her latest informal photoshoot.

Merkel will be stepping down from her leadership role on Sunday, September 26, after 16 years at the country’s helm.

Dubbed “mutti” in Germany – meaning “mum” – Merkel has been widely praised for bringing stability to the country, but on Thursday, she let her mask of constant composure slip for just a moment.

As her chancellorship winds down, she visited a bird park in Marlow and clearly made quite an impression on the local residents.

Snaps of her feeding rainbow lorikeets then made the rounds online on Friday and Twitter was particularly delighted with the photo where she appears to be doing a theatrical scream while seven bird are resting on her at once.

Merkel looked happier during other moments of her outing
picture alliance via dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
Merkel is set to step down after Sunday's election

The internet seized the moment and turned the world-renowned leader into a meme – naturally.

Bizarrely this is not the first time Merkel has been pictured surrounded by rainbow parakeets – she went to a similar park back in 2012, and there are images of stroking a New Zealand Kiwi from 2014.

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Angela Merkel in a bird park in Marlow, northern Germany on April 17, 2012
Nigel Marple via Reuters
 Merkel pets a native Kiwi named Whau in 2014

Germany will elect a new parliament on Sunday. The party with the most votes will end up in power and can then choose a leader to be the next Chancellor.