angela merkel

Exclusive: A poll marking International Women's Day also found that over half believe there should be more women leaders.
Germany's stoic chancellor definitely lost her cool in these pictures.
EU leaders deliver coordinated message at G7 summit to urge the PM to stick to his Brexit deal.
The government is accused of using a “revolting” reference to the Nazi Kristallnacht in a briefing blaming Germany for the Brexit deadlock.
From Taiwan to Germany, Iceland to New Zealand, the nations led by women have been doing very well during the coronavirus pandemic, with early interventions, swift lockdowns and sufficient testing.
As more countries are taking steps to lock down their borders to slow the spread of coronavirus, the UK is expected to announce stricter social distancing measures, while New Zealand has shut down for a month in an attempt to protect their population. German chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into quarantine after her personal doctor tested positive for the virus. New York has become the epicentre of the US outbreak, with 15,000 cases.
German Chancellor also announces a ban on public meetings of more than two people.
The idea that the Tories will fight the next election as the ‘no-deal’ party may be coming from the PM himself.