Anne Robinson Admits US Fame Took Its Toll On Her Marriage, But Loneliness Won’t Make Her Settle For A ‘T****r’

The presenter divorced her second husband in 2007.

Anne Robinson has revealed she didn’t realise her second marriage was in trouble because she was too busy becoming famous in America.

The presenter and journalist enjoyed a brief stint of fame across the pond in 2001, when she fronted a hugely hyped - but ultimately short-lived US version - of ‘The Weakest Link’.

But the demands of filming the show on both sides of the Atlantic, which saw her flying to LA every six weeks, took its toll on her 27-year marriage to John Penrose.

Anne Robinson
Anne Robinson
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“It took me a long time to realise there was discontent,” she told Radio Times.

The 73-year-old, who will front a one-off celebrity reboot of the daytime quiz show for this year’s Children In Need, split from her second husband in 2007, who banked a record £20million in the divorce settlement with his wife.

Ten years later and Anne admits she would like to settle down again, but isn’t “lonely enough to settle for a second-rate partner”

Anne Robinson and her ex-husband John Penrose
Anne Robinson and her ex-husband John Penrose
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Asked if she suffers from loneliness, she says: “Yes. Not as lonely as I’ve been in marriage but I don’t think living on your own is a natural state. I see girlfriends who were too lonely and have ended up with tossers.”

Earlier this year, Anne opened up about using the Tinder dating app, admitting she had some pretty high standards when it came to meeting the man of her dreams.

She said: “I wouldn’t date any of the men on Tinder. I deleted it and wouldn’t even know how to get the account back.

“I don’t want to date someone bald and with a moustache. It is slim pickings out there. I would rename Tinder ‘desperate’.

“I have one particular pair of glasses, they are my red glasses and I can pull in them. I promise you. You need to get red glasses to pull.”

Read the full interview with Anne in this week’s Radio Times, on sale now.

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