Anne Robinson

Unpleasant clips from Anne's past have resurfaced after it was announced she is the new host of Countdown.
The former Weakest Link host is taking over from outgoing presenter Nick Hewer.
It's been two decades since Anne Robinson first uttered the immortal phrase: "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"
From uncomfortable X Factor critiques to ill-judged Takeaway sketches.
She previously admitted her 'shock' at learning her co-host was being paid more than her.
Please older sisters, if the #MeToo movement leaves you cold, leave it alone
Anne Robinson has revealed she didn’t realise her second marriage was in trouble because she was too busy becoming famous
On the one hand Anne, you're telling them they're whining, and on the other you're admitting that younger women need the help of the collective. A collective that includes you perhaps? That part you got right. Because if women like you continue with this "get some robust-ness", guess what? No young women will ever say anything and it'll be just like the your day all over again.
'We had a much more robust attitude to men behaving badly.'