Richard Osman Lists The 3 Reasons Why He Can’t Possibly Be The New Countdown Host

“I keep reading I’m the favourite to be the new Countdown host, but there are 3 problems."
Anne Robinson and Richard Osman
Anne Robinson and Richard Osman
Channel 4/Rex

As soon as Anne Robinson announced she was quitting Countdown after just a year presenting the Channel 4 show, everyone started speculating about who would replace her.

At the top of the list was Richard Osman, with many fans putting him in the frame for the job following his announcement last month that he was stepping down as co-host of Pointless after 13 years.

However, Richard has dismissed the rumours he’s leaving the BBC for Channel 4, listing three reasons why he can’t possibly be Anne’s replacement.

“I keep reading I’m the favourite to be the new Countdown host,” he tweeted. “But there are 3 problems.

“1. I just gave up a show I love because I have no time. 2. @susiedent and I are mortal enemies. 3. They should give the job to @ColinMurray.”

Colin Murray’s name has also been linked to the Countdown gig, following his successful stint filling in for Anne’s predecessor Nick Hewer in December 2020.

Meanwhile, another possible contender – the show’s former numbers expert Carol Vorderman – has also spoken about the possibility of returning to the show after she her name was linked to the job.

“Thank you to all of you saying such lovely things about a possibility of me returning to Countdown,” she wrote on Twitter.

“You’re very kind & it would be an honour but I want to wish whoever is the lucky human to be the new host all the love and 9 letter words in the world #CountWell#HappyDays.”

Other names to have been suggested so far include Paul O’Grady, Susan Calman, Moira Stuart, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Alex Horne and Jon Richardson.

After fronting 265 episodes, the former Weakest Link host said she had “stayed longer than I signed up for.”

She took over from The Apprentice’s Nick Hewer in 2021 following his 10 year run at the helm.


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